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A pair of lovely ladies

Posted on Monday, January 15th, 2007.

Alex and the ladies
Ms. Doreene McCoy, age 83, brought her sister, Ms. Evelyn I. Palmour, 84, into the booth on Sunday the 14th, so the two could “visit with each other.” Ms. Palmour, who lives in Oklahoma, is in Jackson, Mississippi for the month of January. The two covered topics such as catching jumbo-sized catfish and the importance of giving three compliments a day. They ended the interview by debating “environmentally friendly” cremation vs. “old-fashioned” burial. Alex and Nick look foward to spending more time with them at their family weenie-roast.

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  • Yeah! We finally found it! A pair of lovely ladies doesn’t start to describe this pair. They are two of the most awesome women you will ever know. I have been blessed to call Evelyn my mother in law for almost 33 years. She is a sweetheart. Doreene is the family joke teller…sister Evelyn always needs someone to explain! HA HA! We have had many wonderful times together and many more to come. Thank you Jody for helping them to make their recording and providing us with a copy. Thank you for showing Evelyn such a fantastic time while she was in Mississippi. You wore her out but she loved it!! Love, Connie

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