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A Mother’s Love

Posted on Monday, April 23rd, 2007.

On Saturday, we had the honor of helping Mary Weaver and Darcelle Harris memorialize their sons, who were both killed by police brutality. Both women were able to turn their grief into action by joining POP (People’s Organization for Progress), which is where Mary and Darcelle met.

Darcelle’s son, Ali Harris, was killed in 2004 at age 18. Above is a picture of Ali from the program for his memorial service. Mary’s son, Randy Weaver, was killed in 1999 at age 21. Below is a picture of a vigil and protest for Randy, which was featured in the POP newsletter, The Agitator.

Our hearts go out to both Mary and Darcelle. We hope these recordings help preserve the memories of Randy and Ali, and that they help bring attention to the injustice of police brutality.

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