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A Little Rock, a little roll

Posted on Thursday, October 19th, 2006.

a & rToday a new facilitator, Andrew Wilson, washed upon the shores of the Arkansas River, strolled through the River Market, and claimed his right to replace Ryan Murdock on the StoryCorps Express. Initially, Ryan did not want to end his mobile tour, but when Andrew announced he had bought Ryan a first-class ticket on the famous “Little Rock/New York Low-Speed Trolley Line,” Ryan happily began his nine hundred day journey home, where he will work in the StoryCorps booths in Grand Central Station and the World Trade Center.

Before Ryan left, he said he already knows he’ll never forget his time on the road. He wants to thank the people of the Garden City, Amarillo, Kansas City and Little Rock for their hospitality, and his former facilitator partner, Mitra Bonshahi, for teaching him how not to dilly-dally.

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