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A Griot Thanksgiving in Memphis

Posted on Friday, November 23rd, 2007.


While half the StoryCorps Griot team traveled to visit family, facilitators Michael Premo and Brianna Hyneman stayed behind in Memphis. We enjoyed the holiday relaxing, giving thanks, and of course enjoying a big home cooked meal. Our meal was a little non-traditional, in what turned out to be an unintended celeberation of all the places these two facilitators have traveled. But, our meal wouldn’t have been complete without the cranberries and stuffing, with plenty of fresh herbs. It was great to spend a day at home eating, napping and eating again. Here’s some of what we had:

soup and dumplings
Harvest Roasted Longevity Soup and Pumpkin Scallion Appertizer with a Roasted Clove Dipping Sauce

stuffing and peppers
Stuffing and Peppers

Stuffed Peppers and Fresh Roasted Corn
Stuffed Peppers and Roast Corn

Sauted Bok Choy
Sauted Bok Choy

fish beforeBaked Bass with Thanksgiving Stuffing
Baked Fish with Fresh Garlic, Herbs and Stuffing. Before and After.

Thanksgiving Spread


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