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8 Stories of Everyday Leading Ladies

Posted on Thursday, March 20th, 2014.


March is Women’s History Month!

For your listening pleasure, we rounded up a collection of stories from our archive that feature ladies who take the lead, charge ahead, and make a difference in both their lives and others. We hope these stories of powerhouse females remind you that inspiring women are kicking butt not just in March, but all year long!

So grab your headphones and enjoy 8 Stories of Everyday Leading Ladies…

1.) Seniesa Estrada

17-year-old amateur boxing champion Seniesa Estrada talks to her father and coach, Joe Estrada, about how she got started in the sport.


2.) Carrie Conley

Jerry Johnson interviews his mother, Carrie Conley, about raising six children as a single mother.


3.) Tia Smallwood

Tia Smallwood tells her daughter, Christine, about becoming a business woman in the 1970s.


4.) Panchita Espitia

Bishop Ricardo Ramirez remembers his grandmother Francisca “Panchita” Espitia.


5.) Dee Dickson

Dee Dickson remembers trying to get a job as a shipyard electrician in the 1970s.


6.) Lourdes Villanueva

Lourdes Villanueva tells her son Roger about growing up in a family of migrant workers.


7.) Dorothy Kelley

Joyce Butler remembers her mother, Dorothy Kelley, who worked in a shipyard during World War II, in an interview with her daughter, Stephanie.


8.) Marilyn Gonzalez and Jessica Pedraza

Sergeant Marilyn Gonzalez and her daughter Specialist Jessica Pedraza remember deploying together to Iraq in 2010.



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