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5 Steps to Surviving the Polar Vortex with Listening Is an Act of Love.

Posted on Thursday, January 9th, 2014.

It seems like everyone is talking about the weather this week.

Frankly, with a name like “Polar Vortex” swirling around out there, we don’t blame them. Lucky for you, we teamed up with PBS to release our animated special, Listening Is an Act of Love, on DVD. Plus bonus features! It truly is the perfect excuse to stay inside.

Surviving the Cold Snap with Listening Is an Act of Love–in 5 easy steps!


1) Purchase Listening Is an Act of Love on DVD


2) Invite family, friends, and neighbors to your house for viewing. (Or don’t! It’s your house!)


3) Secure a spot on the couch. Wrap self in warm blanket. (Slankets also acceptable).


4) Enjoy our original collection of animated stories with the ones you love.


5) Repeat anytime.


Stay dry out there!

Have you seen the special yet? What were some of your favorite moments? Tell us below!

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